Boat and PWC - NSW Licence Training in ACT/Queanbeyan

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Experienced local training provider IceWater Marine Training brings boat training to your doorstep, with recreational boat and jet ski licence courses in Canberra.

As a local provider, we can offer amazing value on PWC and boat theory & practical training. We are affiliated with the registered training organisation M.A.S.T. NSW, a not-for-profit group. That ensures further savings on course costs for all our trainees.

Training with IceWater Marine training you also benefit from M.A.S.T. NSW's resources: manuals, helpful links, aids and commercial vessel training.

IceWater Marine courses are run by marine trainer Mick Newman. Mick works on ships at sea in addition to training newcomers to boating. On an IceWater Marine course, you'll get not just the rulebook, but the wisdom of many years of maritime experience.

Why get a NSW licence in Canberra?

You need a recreational boat licence to drive a power boat at 10 knots or more on NSW waters. ACT residents are able to gain a NSW licence.

This licence permits people aged 12 years and over to drive any vessel (except a PWC) at 10 knots or more. This is the speed at which most accelerating boats will start to plane (rise up and skim on top of the water, instead of ploughing through it).

(Transport for NSW)

To jet ski at any speed in NSW, it's essential to hold a personal watercraft (PWC) licence. You can do your boat and PWC licence training together. Or you can gain a general boat licence first and upgrade to PWC later.

Upcoming Courses

IceWater Marine Training is approved by NSW Maritime to provide practical Boat Training and/or Knowledge testing for the general boat licence and PWC driving licence.