Bermagui Boat Licence in One Day, Practical first followed by theory

When: Sat 15 Jan 2022, 8:00am
Where: Bermagui Country Club, Tuross Street, Bermagui

This course incorporates both the Theory and Practical elements of the recreational boat licence. Doing both options allows you to present to a NSW Service Centre the next available business day and obtain you Recreational Boat/PWC Licence.

You can do the whole course or choose options.

1. Boat theory and test (approx 5 to 5 1/2 hours dependant on individual needs.
2. PWC theory and test approx 45 minutes and is commenced after the last student finishes the boating exam.
3. Boat licence practical component (approx 1 1/2 hrs). The vessel is surveyed for Max 5 Students at a time. Training order will be the first paid is the first in the boat.
Note: the practical is available only for participants who complete their boat theory training & test with IceWater Marine Training. Numbers are limited.

NOTE, only 2 places left